エレン:Let’s talk about the, um, the paparazzi shot in Bora Bora. 


エレン:So you were obviously in a private bungalow.


エレン:And you, cause usually we’re all pretty good at spotting paparazzi. They hide in boats, pretend to be fishermen and we’re like “you’re paparazzi”. We’re pretty good at it. How did you not see that there was paparazzi there. 

ジャスティン:Well, I just didn’t see them right. I wasn’t really looking out for them either, so. 

エレン:Was there a boat? After, when you think back on it now, can you see where they may have been?

ジャスティン:Um..yeah I can, they were definitely in a boat. Yeah.

エレン:And when, how quickly after that was shot did you realize that that happened? Did that go on wire right away?

ジャスティン:Um yeah, it was pretty much like a couple of days, it was a couple of days later Scooter hit me and was like “Yo, I hate to tell you this but your penis is on the internet”. I was like “what? hod does…”.

So then the first thing I saw was like the censored one. And it had like the black thing over it. and I’m like “Oh my goodness. I don’t know what this is gonna look like”. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. 


ジャスティン:It wasn’t as terrible.

エレン:I’m no expert but I heard that it was good.

ジャスティン:It was all right. 

エレン:What amazed me though, is that got so much attention. And I was in the bungalow next to you. And when I saw it, I was shot. I don’t know how people didn’t see, I was right there. 

ジャスティン:Oh my god. 


ジャスティン:That’s funny.

エレン:“My hat!”. So there is a woman, there’s a young woman in the background you can see in the bed.

ジャスティン:Yeah I know. 

エレン:Is that your girlfriend?

ジャスティン:No it’s not.

エレン:Just a girl that you were in Bora Bora with?

ジャスティン:Just a friend, yeah.

エレン:You just brought a friend to Bora Bora?


エレン:And you’re just naked with your friend?

ジャスティン:Why are you putting me on the spot like this? Gosh!

エレン:I mean you can say. Why can’t you say you’re dating somebody?

ジャスティン:I’m not dating anyone though.

エレン:She’s just a friend?

ジャスティン:She’s juts a friend. 



エレン:I have friends. I have never seen them naked like that. And they don’t bring me to Bora Bora. 

ジャスティン:Stop. You’re making me blush dude.

出典: The Ellen Show/Justin Bieber on His Nude Paparazzi Photo/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAb0xXPB4FY




spot → [動詞] 見つける、発見する、気づく

spot + 人 + doing something = 誰々が〜していることに気づく

The doctor spotted the symptom of skin cancer.

I spotted a few police officers walking behind me.


look out for → 注意して周りを見る/捜す、〜の面倒を見る

look for ~ はただ単に「探す」という意味。look out for は look for に比べてより警戒している/より注意して探すニュアンス。誰々の面倒を見るという意味もある。

Financial analysts always look out for the market movements. .

John likes looking out for others.


think back on 〜 → 〜を振り返ってみる、思い返す

think back onの他に、toやoverも可能。

You really should think back on what you have done to her.

I sometimes think back on my childhood..


where they may have been → どこに彼らがいたかもしれないか


may + have + 過去分詞




例文: Karen is not here yet. She may have overslept.

I think it might have been a mistake.

ちなみに、 might + have + 過去分詞も同じ意味になります。



✅hit someone → 連絡する

hit someone は「誰々を殴る」と訳されそうですが、連絡をするという意味です。(もちろん話の流れの中で殴るという意味もあり得ます。)

hit me upの方が有名かもしれませんね。どちらでも同じ意味です。

If you ever come to New York, just hit me up.

I’ll hit you up later.


censored → 修正がかかった

I’m no expert but 〜 → 詳しくわないけど、〜

自分は詳しくはないけど、何か意見や思っていることがある時に使います。I’m not an expertと言い換えることも可能ですが、口語表現としては no expert が好まれます。


I’m not expert but isn’t that illegal?

I’m no expert but accepting immigrants has negative consequences.


✅put someone on the spot → [答えづらい質問などで] 誰々を困らせる、恥ずかしがらせる

そのままでも使うことができますが、「there’s no way + 文 」のように使えば表現力が上がります。

The reporter deliberately put the president on the spot by asking him a complex question.

Interviewers put the job candidate on the spot.


✅date somebody → [動詞]誰々と付き合う

「〜と付き合う」と言う時は go out with somebody もありますが、私の感覚としてはdateの方が使われています。

I used to date that guy.

I’m dating an American girl.


blush → 赤面する


アジア人がお酒を飲むとすぐに赤くなる傾向にあることから、Asian flush という言葉があります。

She blushed when she saw her crush.

My face always flushes after exercising.