司会:They told me you like good wine. So I pulled up one of my bottle. This is for you. Toast to you.

ジョニー:We’re gonna be drunk in a minute.

司会:We’re not gonna drink the whole thing. Here’s to your superb performance in Finding Neverland. Woo good.

ジョニー:What do you mean we’re not going to drink the whole thing?

司会:That is pretty good isn’t it?

ジョニー:You think we should?

司会:Yeah, we can. You can. In our research, we found we found tons of teen magazines from the 80s with you as a cover boy. Take another sip. What do you think… What do you think when you look at those pictures?

ジョニー:They scare me to death.

司会:No really, what do you think?

ジョニー:No, it was a strange time. Because I….. I’d become this product.

司会:Yeah, a product, yeah. 

ジョニー:It made me very uncomfortable.

司会:It made you uncomfortable.

ジョニー:Yeah because I didn’t  I mean…

司会:They sort of labelled a heartthrob.
( スターに仕立て上げられたから?)

ジョニー:They just started to build this image and it had nothing to do with me.

司会:Okay, so when we, you know, like I pulled out this sexiest man alive, People cover thing. Like I know that irritates the hell out of you. It does. But could you just explain to me why it does so much? because I think a lot of people, all of them think, you know, we think you are.

ジョニー:Not so much that it irritates me. I mean, you know, on some level, if you can, sort of take that kinda thing seriously it’s flattering


ジョニー:But in fact, it’s such a, it’s so absurd, a notion, you know to equate my name with that….

司会:Sexiest man alive.

ジョニー:It’s so bizarre.

司会:It’s absurd to you.

ジョニー:Oh, yeah.

司会:Yeah, and so even when you look at the cover,

ジョニー:I try not to look at the cover.

司会:But when you see it, You see it and you just think absurd? You just think isn’t that absurd?

ジョニー:Completely absurd.

司会:But isn’t it better than the opposite? Isn’t it better than, you know,

ジョニー:Skuzziest man alive? I think I’ve been called that as well.
(「最もきったねえ男」? でもそうやって呼ばれたことあると思う。)

司会: Okay let’s just think in terms of what, you know, sultriness is and sexy is. Wouldn’t you say that you are?

ジョニー:Oh no come on, no.

司会:What would you say? What would you use to describe yourself? Sexy would not even be in the top 10…

ジョニー:Just a guy with a weird job, really. I mean I just have a strange job. That’s how I explain it to my kitties.


出典: Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet on The Oprah Winfrey Show/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHoWz0ATpck&t=331s&pbjreload=101







in a minute →  すぐに、あと少しで

wait a minuteで「ちょっと待って」という意味があるように、a minuteというのは短い時間を表しています。

I’m sorry that I’m late, but I’ll be there in a minute.

I’m gonna get my homework done in a minute.

We’ll have some breakfast ready in a minute.


✅🆙tons of 〜/a ton of 〜 →  たくさんの、大量の


a lot of, a bunch of , dozens of, hundreds of, thousands of, a multitude of, a myriad of, plenty of……..


John is a professional stock trader. He always makes tons of money.

I’ve got tons of homework.

I work in the customer support department. I get a ton of calls every day.


✅🆙to death → 死ぬほど、死ぬまで





もちろん今回のジョニーデップが使ったto deathは、1つ目の強調です。

I love my girlfriend to death.

I was working hard to death in my twenties.

I’m bored to death.

The man was beaten to death.

They got lost in the mountain and ended up getting frozen to death.


✅strange、bizarre→ 変な、奇妙な




個人的な感覚ですが使われる頻度としては順に、weird, strange, bizarre/oddです。すべて押さえておきましょう。


heartthrob → (女性にとって)憧れの人、スター、有名人男性




✅🆙have nothing to do with 〜 →  〜とは関係/関連がない


It turned out that John and Mary have nothing to do with each other.

This is our problem. You have nothing to do with it.
= It’s none of your business.

What’s been reported has nothing to do with the truth.


🆙🔥the hell out of 〜 → ものすごく、めっちゃ


有名なのが、What the hell!? (なんだこれは!?)ですよね。



the hell out of の前には動詞がきます。そして大抵の場合ofの後には目的語となる人がきますが、たまに人以外も使われます。

例えばscareの場合、通常の文では You scared me(あなたは私を怖がらせる)ですが、scareとmeの間にthe hell out ofを挟み、You scared the hell out of meにすることで、「めっちゃびびった」というようなニュアンスを伝えることができます。


the hell out of の文形

・動詞 + the hell out of 〜
→ 〜をめちゃくちゃ〇〇にする

– scare the hell out of ~ (〜をすごく驚かせる)
– annoy the hell out of ~ (〜をすごくイラつかせる)
– beat the hell out of ~ 
– knock the hell out of ~ (〜を叩きのめす)
– get the hell out of ~ (〜から出ていく)



Oh my god, you scared the hell out of me! Were you hiding in the corner?

The way he talks annoys the hell out of me.

Next time I see you, I’ll beat the hell out you.

Get the hell out of here!


🔥flattering → (言葉が)嬉しい/喜ばしいお世辞、お世辞の

flatterというのはお世辞を言う、喜ばせることを言います。何か嬉しいことを言われた時に、I’m flatteredというと、「嬉しいです、光栄です」という意味になります。


It is very flattering to receive such compliments.

He always say flattering things to his girlfriend.

The newspaper wrote a flattering article about the President.



🔥absurd → 馬鹿げた、不条理な

旺文社の「英検準一級 出る順パス単」の出る順Cに出てきます。


scuzzy/skuzzy → 汚い、汚れた


sultriness → 色気、蒸し暑さ