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テッド:Everybody welcome back to SI.com. I’m Ted Keith along here with John Taylor. And Major League Baseball is preparing for a major milestone, sort of, Ichiro Suzuki on the verge of passing Pete Rose’s professional hits record of 4256 and also closing in on the 3000 hit mark since becoming a major leaguer with the Seattle Mariners in 2001. John, should people care at all about him getting to Rose’s number 4256? or is that just a coincidence that we shouldn’t care too much about?

ジョン:I don’t care what league or combination of leagues Ichiro has done at. 4257 or however many hits he ends up is still an accomplishment no matter what. You know, to think that he’s even this close to 3,000 the major leagues by itself, that implies the tremendous career longevity he’s had. The ability to pick up those hits. The nightly grind that he has to go through every single year.

ジョン:Granted the last few year’s of Ichiro’s career have not been the strongest, he’s kind of just hung around as a 4th outfielder, although this year he’s been terrificSo and then on top of that, to do what he did in Japan and their professional League against very good competition. They’re certainly not major league competition but still good competition nonetheless. I think it’s a milestone no matter how you choose to look at it.

テッド:Well so you would be okay with Ichiro Suzuki signing autographs rest of his life the way Pete Rose does now call himself “hit king”.

ジョン:I think Ichiro calls himself whatever he wants just as Rose’s able to call himself whatever he wants. I mean I assume Pete Rose signs all his autographs with “Would-be Hall of Famer Pete Rose”. So I don’t really think it matters that sense. But Ichiro has every right to celebrate what he’s done. This is tremendous to reach this level of hits and regardless Pete Rose is going to be the all-time MLB hit leader and that’s probably never going to change. Ichiro would have to hang around for what, 7 more seasons to get even close to what Rose’s at so.
(ローズのようにイチローも自分の好きなように書けばいい。恐らくローズはサイン書く時、「 “自称” ヒット王・ピートローズ」って書いてるんだろうから、そういう意味ではどうでもいいけど。イチローには自分の功績を称賛する権利があるよ。だってこれだけのヒットを打つのは本当に凄いことだ。ローズがMLB歴代最多のヒット王ということに変わりはないけど、だってMLBだけでローズの記録に追いつくのにはあと7シーズンくらい必要だからね。)

テッド:Probably more than that at this rate. It’s not looking good for him. But that being said, you’re right. I mean, he’s been sort of an under-appreciated player for the last several years and in the rate at which he was accumulating hits when he was with Seattle that allowed him to get to this milestone is one of the things that I think people have already forgotten about including the fact that he’s the single-season hits leader of all time. He has 262, broke Jeorge Sisler’s record that it stood for about 80 years.

テッド:So how should people look back in his career now as a guy who came up as a rookie of the year and MVP winner on a team that set an American League record for wins at 116 in 2001and then never really got back to those exact heights ever again. So in some ways maybe he’s been under appreciated his whole career. How should people value what he’s done? And what’s turned out to be a pretty long Major League career.

ジョン:I think I mean, I don’t think there’s any question is a Hall of Famer. If you put together the length of his career he’s going to reach 3000 hits barring injury or something equally drastic happening. He’s been one of the baseball’s best outfield defenders his entire career in right field and occasionally in center. He’s a tremendous base stealer. Even leaving those two things aside, I think he’s still someone who should be remembered. Certainly one of the best players for our generation, arguably the greatest Japanese player at least in major league history and right up there with Sadaharu Oh for the greatest Japanese player of all time. Regardless of whether or not you want to call him the hit-king or anyone else wants to call him the hit-king or what Pete Rose thinks, I still think Ichiro’s gonna go down as one of the greatest players at least we’ve ever had in the last 25 years, at least since the start of his career.

テッド:Well it’s been a joy to watch Ichiro throughout his major league career. Now at age 42 and
playing under a one-year contract, enjoy the opportunity to watch him while you can because we may not be seeing him too much longer. Brightside.com and John Taylor I’m Ted Keith.



出典: Sports Illustrated/Putting Ichiro’s Numbers Into Perspective | MLB/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW92_XbXOBM&t=17s




milestone → (歴史的な)出来事


✅sort of → なんか、まあ

sort of は「〜の種類の」という意味ですが、ネイティブはそれ以外にも日本語でいう「なんか、なんと言うか、まあ、ちょっと、どちらかと言うと」などのニュアンスがあります。

sort of を早く言うと sorta となります。似た意味のkind of をkindaと言うことも覚えておきましょう。

Yeah, it’ sort of like that.

It’s sorta funny.
(なんか面白いね。 or ちょっと面白いね。)

A: Do you enjoy your first day at school?

B: Sorta.


on the verge of 〜 → 今にも〜しようとしている


Due to the pandemic, Japan is on the verge of economic crisis.

Sophia was so mad at her boyfriend that she was on the verge of slapping his face.


close in on 〜 → 〜に近づく

coincidence → 偶然の一致


✅end up 〜 → 結局〜する/〜になる/〜で終わる/〜ということが分かる

I fell asleep on the last train and ended up in Saitama.

I don’t like going out for dinner with John because I always end up paying the bill.

We ended up giving up on the trip.


hang around → ぶらぶらする、居座る


✅terrific→ 素晴らしい、すごくいい

Ed Sheeran is a terrific singer.

That concert was terrific!



on top of that → それに加えて、その上

would-be → 〜志望の、自称の


Hall of Famer → 殿堂入りした選手

hall of fameで殿堂入りを表し、famerにすることでその選手を表します。主にスポーツで優秀な成績を残した偉人に対して使われる表現です。

It is no doubt that Michael Jordan is a hall of fame basketball player.

Shohei Ohtani might be a future hall of fame.


✅all-time → 史上最も、永遠の



過去最高記録や最低記録の時によく、all-time high/lowなどと表現されます。

The stock price hit its all-time high.

Giants holds all-time wins record.

Arashi is my all-time favorite idol group.


✅that being said → とは言っても、そうは言っても、しかしながら、というわけで


Howeverやeven soなどに近い言い方です。


  • with that being said
  • that said
  • having said that

I’m not really good at studying. That being said, I want to be fluent in English.

I want to study abroad someday. That said, I haven’t convinced my parents yet.


under-appreciated → 過小評価されている

height → (成功/名声/流行/忙しさなどの)ピーク、頂点


✅turn out to be 〜 → (結局)〜になる、〜であることが分かる

先ほど解説した end up とほぼ同じ意味です。

The weather forecast said it would rain but it turned out to be a sunny day.

We had to deal with a lot of problems. But everything turned out all right.


barring 〜 → 〜がなければ


✅be right up there with 〜 → 〜でと互角の、〜と同じくらい凄い、トップクラスの


He is definitely right up there with all the top soccer players.

When it comes to popularity, that online shopping site is right up there with Amazon.


✅go down as 〜 → 〜として伝えられる、〜として歴史に残る


go down in 〜 と形でも使われます。

9.11 went down as the worst terrorism in American history.

He will go down as one of the greatest soccer player in the world.