エレン:You look great. 

ベッカム:Thank you.

エレン:You look great. I haven’t seen you in a long long time.

ベッカム:It’s been a long time.

エレン:I’m happy to see you again.

ベッカム:I’m happy to see you too.

エレン:You wife was here. She’s lovely. I love Victoria and she said that you were still handsome. I asked if you were still handsome. Because it’s been a while.

ベッカム:She’s biased

エレン:You could have let yourself go. I don’t know what’s happening with you. But she did say unfortunately that Romeo inherited your dance moves and does not know how to dance.
(見た目なんて気にしなくてもええんやないの。でも彼女はあなたの遺伝で、次男のロミオが ダンス下手になったって言ってたで。)

ベッカム:Well I thought I could dance, personally. But Victoria has this tendency to, when we’re dancing, I think I’m doing really good. Most people think that they’re great dancers when you’re up there dancing. And after a couple of drinks of course. But Victoria has this tendency to turn around to me mid dance saying, “Are you okay there? What are you doing?” Which then totally puts me off and then I walk off and go and sit down so. But Romeo actually can dance, not as well as his other brothers, but he can dance.

エレン:She says she can’t dance.


エレン:Or “can’t dance.” And you have, when you were here last, I think your daughter was just born.
(“できないって” (イギリス訛りのまね)。前回来てくれた時は娘さんが生まれたばっかだったよな?)

ベッカム:Yes she was.

エレン:And now she’s eight? nine? 

ベッカム:She’s eight. She’s nine in July.


ベッカム:I know.

エレン:And how is that? Because you have a houseful of boys and I would think that she turns you to mush. That’s what I think.

ベッカム:She does. She does. I mean the boys obviously give me a little bit of stick. Because they know that any question that they asked that they think I’m going to say no to, they know they have to ask her to ask me. Because I can’t say no to her. I think I only said no to her once and her bottom lip started shivering and I was like, “Never again.” Never again. So yeah, It’s, I mean, he’s amazing. She’s you know, she’s a little princess with obviously Victoria. She’s a mommy’s girl but also, she’s a big daddy’s girl. Which I’m over the moon about.

エレン:Well because she plays soccer.

ベッカム:She does.

エレン:Is she good? Is she athletic? I would think that would be natural. 

ベッカム:I mean I think she’s the best. So she is atheltic and she enjoys it. 

エレン:And what do you think that, are any of them musical? Do they want to do…

ベッカム:Cruz. Cruz is musical. He loves to play the guitar. He actually plays mandolin, which is random.

エレン:Oh wow.

ベッカム:Last time when we were in LA, he was actually going into the studio because he’s, you know, he’s been working on a few things. He’s enjoying himself in the studio and he gets his time to play his music and write some music. And he said, “Daddy I really want to get a mandolin.” and I couldn’t work out whether it was those mandarin that you get for breakfast or it was some guitar of some kind. So he said, “let me take you.” so I took him. I got one for like $14. And he then took it into the studio and played this amazing song. So he’s passionate about it.

エレン:14….did you go to a pawn shop? Where did you get a mandolin for $14?

ベッカム:It was a guitar center.



エレン:That’s a good price for a mandolin. Maybe I’ll play.

ベッカム:Not everything is $14.99 in there or $14.

エレン:No, just a mandolin. Because probably they’re on sale, because nobody plays them. 


出典: The Ellen Show/Justin Bieber Scares David Beckham/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNjx45jC2eA&t=160s






biased → 偏見を持った


例えば、アイドルグループで一番好きなメンバー、いわゆる「推し」のことを英語で bias(名詞) と言ったりします。

Oh you’re a fan of Arashi? Who is your bias?


✅let oneself go → 自分を解放してリラックスする、見た目にこだわるのをやめる


My father is a very serious man. But he can be really funny when he lets himself go.

You have been working really hard. You need to let yourself go sometimes.

After she got married, she let herself go.


put 誰々 off → 誰々をうんざりさせる、やる気をなくさせる 🇬🇧

put offで「延期する」と覚えている人もいると思いますが、間に目的語を挟むと、「誰々をうんざりさせる/やる気を損ねる」と言う意味になります。


Her bag got robbed during her travel abroad, which put her off going anywhere anytime soon.

All this rain really puts me off going out for work.


“can’t dance” 🇬🇧




turn to mush→ 頭の中がごちゃごちゃになって何も考えられなくなる

mushとは名詞で「柔らかくてドロドロしたもの」を言います。turn to は〜になると言う意味ですので、

そこからイディオムで「頭がごちゃごちゃになる」= 混乱して何も考えられない状態



turn to mush の文の形

・[I/He/Sheなどの主語] + turn to mush
→ 頭がごちゃごちゃになる

・one’s head turns to mush
・one’s mind turns to mush
・one’s heart turns to mush
→ 頭/心がごちゃごちゃになる

・turn 誰々 to mush
→ 誰々の頭をごちゃごちゃにさせる


After taking a 3-hour exam, I was so tired and my head turned to mush.

When I heard that sad news, I got panicked. It turned me to mush.

Akiko has been a huge fan of Arashi. When she ran into them on the street, she got so exited and turned to mush.



give 誰々 stick → 非難する、罰を与える 🇬🇧


通常stickは可算名詞ですが、この意味でのstickは不加算なので 「give 誰々 a lot of stick」でsが付きませんのでご注意ください。


give stick の文の形

・give 誰々 stick

・get stick from ~ 誰々
・take stick from ~ 誰々
→ 誰々から非難を受ける、罰を与えられる


The celebrity got a lot of stick from the public for his racist remark.

Macy had an affair with a married man. She should get stick for it.

Oh my god I just made another mistake. I’m definitely going to take stick from my boss.



mommy’s girl/boy | daddy’s girl/boy → ママっこ、パパっ子



over the moon → とても幸せ



I love you to the moon and back というのがあります。意味はものすごく好き/愛している。

月に行って帰ってこれるくらい好きだということですね。よく子供が「どれくらい好き?」と聞かれて両手を思いっきり広げて「これくらい好き!」と表したりしますが、要するにover the moonも物理的な距離を使って感情を表しているのです。


It seems like Jessica has been over the moon ever since she got married.

I was over the moon when I passed the college entrance exam.

My 8-year-old son is completely over the moon about traveling abroad for the first time.



athletic → 運動神経がいい、運動好きな、スポーツマンタイプの

musical → (形容詞)音楽の際のがある、音楽好きの


✅work on 〜 → 〜に取り組む





A: Your English has improved a lot!

B: Thanks. I’m still working on it.


I’ll need to work on my friends car this weekend.

How many projects are you working on right now?


work out  → 理解する、(問題を)解決する 🇬🇧

work outは通常、「運動をする、練習をする」「(物事が)うまくいく」という意味がメインですが、


I couldn’t work out what my professor is talking about.

I’ve been trying to work this problem out but it’s so hard.


mandarin that you get for breakfast 


ベッカムは息子からマンドリン(mandolin)という楽器が欲しいと言われました。しかしベッカムはあまり詳しくなかったため、マンダリンオレンジのことか、楽器のマンドリンか一瞬理解(work out)できなかったと言っています。

ここではベッカムは、「mandarin that you get for breakfast(朝食べるマンダリン )」という言い方をしており、みかんの方のマンダリンのことを話していると分かります。













passionate → 情熱的な、夢中になった(passionate about/of 〜)